The Eastern peninsula of the continent of Tian Xia, Minkai has always stood apart from the rest of the distant continent. Within the past few decades, the Empire of the Dawn has been ruled by the Jade Regent.

Minkai flag


Taken from the Pathfinder Player’s Companion: Dragon Empires Primer

Empire of Dawn

Alignment: LN
Capital: Kasai (164,200)
Major Races: Tian-Mins (also
kitsune, tengus, Tian-Hwans,
Tian-Las, and Tian-Shus)
Major Religions: Daikitsu, Desna,
Fumeiyoshi, General Susumu, Hei Feng, Irori, Shelyn,
Shizuru, Tsukiyo, Yamatsumi
Languages: Minkaian, Tien

A great empire that never bowed to Imperial Lung Wa,
Minkai is a volcanic peninsular land of strong familial
ties, ancient warrior traditions, and secretive ninja clans.
Even at the height of Lung Wa’s power, Minkai was able
to stand apart from the empire, its strong culture and
relatively inaccessible geographical location insulating it
from the rest of Tian Xia’s affairs throughout Lung Wa’s
regime. However, the Empire of Dawn’s recent loss of its
ruler—Emperor Higashiyama Shigure, smuggled away
by his guards to an undisclosed location “for his own
protection”—has delivered a major blow to the nation’s
morale, as the newly implemented leader, the mysterious
Jade Regent, is proving to be a lackluster ruler, distracted
from effective rule by his avarice and hedonism. The threat
of civil war looms around every corner, and though the
nation does its best to project a visage of prosperity and
stability, it seems only a matter of time before Minkai can
no longer hide behind its patently false image.
The capital of Minkai, Kasai, is the main center of
commerce both domestic and foreign, and has long
been considered the nation’s crowning achievement.
The opulence Kasai’s leaders portray the city as
possessing inspires countless visitors from Tian Xia as
well as Avistan. The trade route from Minkai over the
Crown of the World makes the nation as a whole largely
independent, freeing it from reliance on commerce with
the continually changing nations of Tian Xia’s mainland.


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